Blue Series

This series were made in a „two-ton” art. The Felt here is softer than in the other series. Through that the mallet „binds” well to make a beautiful roll, but with a little more input it produces a bright and clear sound. In smaller models the core answers faster than in bigger ones which gives a possibility to have the effect in every dynamic. Every model of this series has a core of the same size. What changes is the thickness and number of felt layers.

Red Series

In this series every model has a different size of core and thickness of felt. The stroke is clearer than in the blue series and get more through than in the purple series. A direct, but soft sound comes through a medium wrapped cork core and lets with the same pair simultaneously diverse sound idea to come true.

Purple Series

Similar to red series the size of the core and thickness of felt changes in every model. Although mallets of this series have smaller cores a more felt which is wrapped tightly. Because of that the core doesn’t get through that fast. A dark, round sound and long life is a trademark of this series.

Dresdner Series

From the ideas and cooperation with both solo-timpanists of Staatskapelle Dresden, Thomas Käppler and Manuel Westermann, the Dresden Series was developed. Through mixing the wooden core with a fine and softly wrapped felt(similar to the blue series), this series shines with a full and direct sound. Because of relatively big cores these mallets are a little more top-heavy.

Flanell Series

From a robust to very mild stroke, depending on the size of the head, these flannel mallets entrance with a fine, light and precise sound.

Leather Series

The leather series is our personal front-runner! It stands out with a relatively soft material, which doesn’t make the mallets „bang”! But it still stays leather: articulate, precise, crunchy!


Von barocken bis hin zu Klangfarben, die man für Mahler oder Holst braucht, hat diese Serie alle Größen für den wahren Spezialisten zu bieten.


Glockenspiel mallets have to get from an instrument a kind of sound, which fulfills the whole Hall! And these mallets are capable of doing that with their round, full and balanced sound.

Xylophone XB


Xylophone XR